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How To Write A Job Description That Attracts High-Quality Candidates

Before you start writing your next job description to attract high-quality candidates, think of it as an ad. If you were searching for a pair of nice shoes, would you go with the pair that advertises how outdated and stiff the shoes are? Or, would you go with the pair that advertises how trendy and comfortable the shoes are?

When candidates read through job descriptions, they’re essentially shopping for their next role the same way they’d shop for a pair of shoes. Candidates pay attention to the perks of the job (compensation & benefits), whether or not the job fits their style (responsibilities & qualifications), and if they can picture themselves in the company (company overview).

So, keeping that in mind, let’s dive into the three core components of a high-quality job description:

  1. Company Overview 
  2. Required Responsibilities & Qualifications
  3. Compensation & Benefits


The number of job postings we come across that share very little information about the company hiring is quite ridiculous. According to a 2022 Forbes article about company culture, 74% of American workers believe culture to be a big influence on their job performance, which tells us that company culture is a HUGE factor for candidates looking for a fulfilling job role. 

So, how do you give someone a glimpse into what your company is like before they even meet you? – by writing a good company overview.

Instead, that part gets skipped and people write vague company overviews that sound like this:

“We’re a marketing agency looking for an energetic graphic designer to join our amazing team of marketing specialists. Fill out our application today”

“Our company was founded in 2006 and has served over 50,000 clients. We’re hiring an organized administrative assistant to enhance our client experience. Apply today!”

The problem with this is that it tells the candidate absolutely nothing about what makes your company an ideal company to work for. Your company overview should explain in 1-2 short paragraphs what your company does, why you do what you do (the mission), and what problems you solve for your clients, so when an ideal candidate reads it, they know exactly who they’re applying to work for.


Responsibilities and qualifications are two different things. A responsibility tells a potential candidate what they’ll be doing if they get hired for the role. On the flip side, a qualification tells a potential candidate what skills, certifications, and/or licenses they need in order to be considered for the role. 

When you’re listing responsibilities, it’s essential to not just state what you want the candidate to do, but also speak to the kind of person that you need to perform that task. 

Here’s an example:

“Checks email on a daily basis” – is vague, everyone checks their email every day

“Maintains an organized email inbox and follows up with inquiries in a timely manner” – is much better because it tells the person who’s reading that they won’t just need to check the email every day, but that they should also have organization and time-management skills.

Your list of job responsibilities should paint a picture of what the candidate can expect to do as a member of your team. 

When you’re listing qualifications, you want to make sure you’re not “overdoing it.” We’ve all seen those companies that write job posts that require 15+ years of experience, and a Master’s Degree, yet want a vibrant young candidate and are offering to pay a $30k per year salary with no benefits.

Don’t be like those companies…

Think of the technology, training, and education requirements an ideal candidate would need to be successful in the role. Also, be sure to specify which qualifications are required vs. which ones are preferred. If you want, you can add a disclaimer at the end of your job post encouraging people who don’t meet all of the required qualifications to apply. These types of disclaimers are common for companies that have the time and resources to train new hires with lesser qualifications.


The question of whether or not you should add compensation and benefits to job postings is controversial. Our stance is this: the more transparent, the better.

Providing a salary/salary range for full-time roles or an hourly/hourly range for part-time/contract roles is important. It saves time for everyone by preventing candidates from applying if they’re not interested in making the amount you’re willing to pay them.

For smaller companies that don’t offer extensive benefits packages, listing minor benefits like company Starbucks cards, wellness memberships, and access to resources & training lets the candidate know that even though they may not be getting a 401K or healthcare benefits, you still care about their happiness and want to reward them in some way for choosing to be on your team.

In our Hiring and Recruiting service, we get highly qualified candidates to apply for your job by writing and advertising a strong job description.

Here’s how we do it:

The first thing you’ll do after booking the Hiring Prep & Recruiting service is spend 90 minutes with our Human Resource Consultant completing what we like to call a “Success Profile.” After the 90-minute session, we create your custom hiring prep materials (job description, applicant questionnaire, interview questions, etc.), post the open role, and conduct first-round interviews for you. 

Instead of trying to figure out what you should include in the job description, where to post the role, or how you’re going to find the time to sort through tons of applications, you can sit back and relax while we take the entire process off of your plate.

In a little under 10 weeks, you’ll have a new employee/contractor on your team that you feel confident about working with. And if you need support after your new hire has joined the team, you have the option to add Human Resource Consulting to your package. 

Sign up for our Hiring Prep & Recruiting Service here!

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