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 - nikki m.
Sit With Nik

"Jennifer's expertise in her field, clarity of information and response time of next steps has eliminated the stall time and mental blocks that came from my lack of clarity regarding my business."

working together has eliminated my stall time and mental blocks...

 - rochelle p.
Rochelle Porter Design

"Working with Jennifer has made some systems and processes easier and more efficient. She's responsive, well organized, and she stays on top of tasks."

my systems & processes are easier and more efficient...

 - dr dee w.
Dr. Dee Unlimited

"Without Her Help, I Honestly Don’t Think That I Would Have Started Out So Far Ahead Which Proved To Be Profitable For My Business. Jennifer helped me to get organized in my thoughts and helped me to create an outline of my ideas by prioritizing them."

working together proved to be Profitable for my business...

Our client testimonials

 - Diana J.
Deeply Rooted Studio

"Working with Day To Day Assist has helped me gain my time back yet feel at peace knowing my systems are streamlined and automated. It's been a pleasure working with Jennifer and her team, they are professional, organized, punctual and the communication is outstanding! Everything you need as a busy business owner. I knew I could fully trust Jennifer with any of our projects and systems overhaul."

It's been a pleasure working with Jennifer and her team...

With over 6 years of operations and administrative experience with non-profit and service-based companies, I know a thing or two about what needs to happen on the back end of a business to achieve operational efficiency. 

At Day To Day Assist, we offer strategic, results-driven, custom solutions to help CEOs and their teams run business well. 

and sometimes on the weekends too, lol. 

I’m Jennifer, full-time Real-Estate Operations Director by day, business owner by night…

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