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Client Relationship Management System For TWIC Card Help

Client: Fantacee

Industry: TWIC card help service provider

Service Provided: Partial Systems Overhaul (Dubsado Set Up)

It was a pleasure working with Fantacee to establish client relationship management systems within her business.

We took the time to clearly define her client intake, onboarding, service-fullfilment, and off-boarding process. Once we finished mapping out all of her processes, we set up her client relationship management tool, Dubsado.

With our help, Fantacee has been able to organize and automate her business’ process.

Challenges before working with Day To Day Assist

To say the least, our online process in business was chaotic before meeting with Jennifer. My team and I were working in Dubsado for months and working through the tutorial videos, chatting with the staff, and even creating mock clients to work through the process.

We were able to do basic things in Dubsado, but we had no automation and there was no active workflow. We were progressing, but not nearly as much as we would have liked. Jennifer’s process for her client intake was perfect. I admired it so much, there were various things I asked her to implement in our workflow.

Jennifer was knowledgeable about the software, she did not mind answering any questions and she completed our project before the due date. Superb! I can, without a shadow of a doubt say, she knows what she is doing! The skillset she brings to the organization of not only an online platform but her ability to think critically is unmatched.

Solutions Day To Day Assist provided

When a client shows interest in our services we are able to send them a link by text or email, which goes to an intake form – this starts the process. When we adjust the services the clients will be receiving, our invoice inside of Dubsado automatically updates. Our clients now receive a proposal, contract, and invoice all at the same time.

We no longer have to take time in PayPal and type all of the clients’ information each time we get a new client. We receive an email once a client does anything on their end.

Our clients have portals online where they can locate all of our conversations and any documents they have received.

Fantacee’s favorite parts of the service

Intake process was a breeze

Initial telephone consultation availablity during the evening

Responds to emails in a timely manner

Jennifer hears what you desire and tells you the most effective way to get the results you want

Email reminders to keep me on track

PERSONALIZED video presentation on Venmo on how to utilize the service or product 🙂

Follow-up email to make sure you’re set

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