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Balancing Business and Life

Hey there…

If you’re anything like me with your hand in #AllTheThings: entrepreneurship, 9-5 job, personal life, relationships, etc. then you know things can become quite overwhelming sometimes. Balancing business and life is an ever-evolving process that I’m learning how to submit to God daily. While I don’t believe I’ll ever have it all figured out, I have learned a few things throughout this journey.

3 random things I’ve learned about balancing business and life:

1. Embrace your limits when SEASONS CHANGE

What you may have been able to do successfully during one season can be very challenging to accomplish in the next. It’s almost like spring and fall. Plants can flourish and blossom in one season, while in another season they’re shriveling up and no longer able to maintain their pretty bloom. It doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with the plant, in fact, nobody even questions the process. We all find it normal, so we simply adjust to the weather and the way it looks outside. It’s the same with you. Not having the same bandwidth or capacity to produce as you did in one season isn’t a bad thing, it just requires some additional adjusting.


If there’s a book out there on priorities, I need to find it because this is probably one of the hardest things for me to do. At times, everything in life seems like a big priority. Working on a new digital product, cleaning every inch of my house, showing up on Instagram every day, staying up all night to finish a project, etc… When I take a step back and look at everything that I’m doing, I rarely find my tasks to be as urgent as I thought they were. Prioritizing doesn’t mean that all the things on your list aren’t important, because I’m sure they are – It just means that some things can wait until later.


There’s so much noise everywhere. Email, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest… EVERYWHERE. Everybody has advice, opinions, and something to share. I love social media and the internet, but sometimes I’m stressed out because I’m consuming too much of it while working through my life shenanigans. Going to the gym, reading a great book, watching Netflix, or even sitting in silence for a few hours to think has been so helpful for me.

I hope this post about balancing business and life has been helpful for you. Toodles friend!

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