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5 Email Template Types for Every Service-Based Business

Email templates have saved me a ton of time.

Sitting down at the computer and responding to emails isn’t a problem for me. In my unpopular opinion, email writing is an enjoyable task. Just the thought of sipping hot coffee and typing away on my little laptop makes me feel warm, fuzzy, and soooo productive. 

It’s only when I have to type the same words over and over again, that I start to feel a small weed of hatred growing towards opening and responding to my emails.

This is why I have all of my favorite email templates written out – and also why I’d encourage you, my friend, to do the same. 

5 Email Template Types For Every Service-Based Business

Here are 5 email template types you can benefit from as a service-based business


It’s a good idea to have a response to send right after clients reach out to you for a service. Oftentimes, this response can be automated. Inquiry responses should include a short and sweet greeting, a response to the form, question, or comment your client submitted, and details on what the next steps are if any.


Every client that submits an inquiry on your site may not end up working with you, and that’s okay. You may be overbooked, or they may need a service that you cannot provide. It’s important to send those clients an email briefly explaining why they’re not a good fit, giving them a few recommendations for other service providers or educational materials, and making them feel comfortable to reach back out to you in the future.


These are my favorite kinds of emails because they’re packed with all of the good stuff. Welcome emails are usually lengthy, express excitement for working with your client, have 2-3 “next steps” inside, and lead to an onboarding meeting. Being clear and concise while also giving your clients all of the information they need to move forward with you is important! 


Everybody needs reminders! Drafting reminder responses for things like upcoming, due, and past-due invoices, upcoming appointments, and any “homework” for your clients makes it so much easier to press send when something is coming up. Reminders are usually short and sweet and include a call-to-action link for your client to easily complete what you’re reminding them to do.


Yay! The work is finished, now it’s time to deliver the goods and send out a testimonial form. These emails are usually short and provide your client with the info they need to reach out to you if they have any questions.

If you’re anything like me and the thought of creating these templates makes you excited, then go for it. 

If you’re nothing like me and have no desire to spend your time writing these emails, I’ll be creating a digital resource to help you with your emails. Join the RBW (Running Business Well) Squad to be the first to know when it’s available.

I have all of my emails stored in my CRM (client relationship management) system, Dubsado. This platform allows me to automate my email responses, add in custom mapped fields to make them more personalized for my clients. You can check out some of my other favorite resources here.

Cheers to the days of rewriting emails being over! 

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